About fabulous.common

Along with our brother, Jeff (a middle child who was made to wear dresses and fingernail polish for much of his childhood), we grew up on the plains of South Dakota in an awesomely loving family. Despite our nearly 6 year age gap, we have been the best of friends (after Laura grew up and stopped annoying Kristin). We share a love of C.S. Lewis, slapstick humor, quality chocolate, Christmas lights and Jesus. However, we have lives that are nearly as opposite as possible.

Laura is single. Kristin is married with three beautiful girls.

Laura is a professional opera singer. Kristin is a professional public health writer.

Laura loves shopping for ball gowns and glamorous jewelry. Kristin loves shopping for…nothing. Kristin hates shopping.

Laura travels the world to sing. Kristin travels to the grocery store to buy food.

Laura spends much of her time alone. Kristin is surrounded by three rambunctious girls and her fantastic husband.

Both have enviable lives. Both can look greener and fuller from the other side.

But both have lows and challenges and struggles. Both are fabulous. Both are common.

We want to expose, explore and celebrate the peaks, the valleys and the boring old interstate drives of each life.

Because there is beauty in the boring, challenges on the peaks and joy in the valleys.

No one should live with the Fear Of Missing Out.

This is a NO FOMO ZONE.

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Two sisters. Divergent lives. Exposing the fabulous. Savoring the common. Eliminating the Fear Of Missing Out.

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