I am a dangerously fervent optimist staring ahead at my not-so-distant 35th 39th birthday, 11th 15th wedding anniversary and 8th 12th year of being a parent.

I crave constant change and big, meaningful work that makes the world a more equitable place. I grew up wishing I could live and serve anywhere but the United States. My master’s degree is in international public health. In a beautifully ironic twist, I ended up in the middle of Iowa, about as far from any international borders as I can get.

And yet, I love it here.

But sometimes I get antsy for adventure abroad. Sometimes it’s hard to passively serve those in need from a computer in my living room. Sometimes it is hard to find the meaningful difference I am making amidst the chaotic monotony of raising small children. Sometimes it’s hard to be so tied to the lives of these precious people in my life.

It’s easy to see the excitement and adventure and glamour in the fabulous lives of people like my sister. And to only see the common in my own.

So this is my attempt to live richly where I am and to see the fabulous within my own common.

I hope it helps you, too. Thanks for joining us.


NOTE: I never share anything about my kids, husband, family or friends without their permission. For those who want to know more about me and my need to create and serve, I have a now-dormant blog you can check out.

Two sisters. Divergent lives. Exposing the fabulous. Savoring the common. Eliminating the Fear Of Missing Out.

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