Fabulous Friday: Der Rosenkavalier Trio

Kristin and I have decided to post something fabulous in our life every Friday. This week it’s my turn! FullSizeRender

I’ve been working on learning this AMAZING trio from Der Rosenkavalier by Richard Strauss. It’s at the pivotal and heartbreaking point of the opera when the Marschallin releases her former lover, Octavian, to be with his new, youthful love Sophie. For those who don’t know opera convention: Octavian is played by a mezzo soprano. So if he looks a bit feminine… its because he’s played by a woman. Yep… its odd, but the blend of the three female voices is glorious.

Der Rosenkavalier Trio

Seriously… just wait for around 3:40.  Talk about SEHNSUCHT!

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