Fabulous Friday: Family & Fern

Every 9/11, Nick puts on a pair of headphones, goes to a room by himself and listens to On The Transmigration of Souls by John Adams.  


 While I’m not quite as routine in my memorial, in recent years, I have listened to Fern by Zoe Keating, a beautiful, melancholy, but hopeful and inspiring cello masterpiece. I think back to where I was (anatomy and physiology lab at St. Olaf) and what was going on in my life (gearing up to spend a semester in Costa Rica for my first exposure to public health) and who was in my life (just about to start dating Nick, who was pretty sure he was not going to date me. After the first time we hung out, I, however, told him I had to marry him because he had an Italian last name and played guitar). 

Today, I am listening and thinking of those things for which I am thankful. Things that make my life fabulous. Things that are here today but may be gone tomorrow. 

Today, those things are my siblings, our spouses and kids and the awesome past weekend. 

Today, I am thankful for the wonderful few days last weekend spent with my siblings and our families. The time the girls got to spend with their cousins. The time Nick got to be with another male doing manly things. The time we all got to regress to 6th graders. 

Thanks, guys, for making my life fabulous. 


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