Getting Fancy!

In light of my post last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about rest and where I find calm in my life. I realized a strange part of my routine that I’ve unknowingly, over the years, made to be relaxing and enjoyable.

I love getting fancy. Image-1

As a singer, I have to get fancy often. I have to put on performance makeup, do my hair, and put on dresses and gowns on a regular basis. During the season, this happens multiple times a week. I used to find this annoying and time consuming, but I’ve slowly turned the prep time into a type of artistic and creative outlet. Because I have to have fancy hair so much, I try to make it a little different every time. Since I’ve never been one of those girls who was good at doing hair or makeup, it’s been trial and error. It can end in utter frustration, walking out the door just hoping no one looks too closely at my hair-do or making an epic error in eye liner judgement. I’m also starting to try out different styles and colors of gowns and dresses. Thanks to my more fashionable roommates, I usually don’t make terrible choices in that department. And I also get to have my hair and makeup done by ridiculously talented professionals when getting ready for big performances.

Side note: Some days I pinch myself when I remember that my job entails dressing up in beautiful dresses and costumes and getting my hair and makeup done. As a good friend of Kristin’s once said: “Little Laura would be SOOOO proud of Big Laura.” In case you didn’t know me back then, here’s just a taste of what I was like as a child.


I used to tease my mom about the amount of time it takes her to get ready in the morning. She would put on The Today Show and slowly get ready for the day, while I would rush through the process. However, I have now followed in my mother’s footsteps (minus the Today Show). I can still get ready in 15-20 minutes if necessary, but automatically give myself an hour and a half every morning to shower, drink my coffee, make my breakfast shake and sack lunch, and try out different makeup products or hairstyles, all the while watching mindless tv or listening to a sermon or podcast. There also might be a little dancing that happens, too. This has become my “Me Time.” Work is highly interactive and since I have roommates, often my evenings are spent talking with them. My mornings and performance primping times are when I slow down and spend time alone during the week. The side of me Imagethat likes routine and stability also loves the regularity of the process; it’s something I can count on to be part of each and every day, no matter what my schedule looks like or what major performances are happening that day.

I hate that this probably makes me more high maintenance than I would like to admit and I (apparently) feel the need to reiterate that I CAN get ready fast. I simply hate the feeling of being rushed and the fear of being late. I am obsessively early to everything, which I’m sure is obnoxious to anyone going places with me or to people who invite me to parties.

Regardless, primping time has become a daily gift in my life. I was going to end this post by including a link to Iggy Azelea’s video of “So Fancy,” as I often sing that one line, “I’m so fancy,” in my best Iggy voice, when I’m feeling particularly fancy. However, I watched it for the first time and realized I’d never really listened to the whole song and I kind of hate it. So, I will not be putting that link here. Feel free to google as you see fit. 😉



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